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Atlas Services
    1. Independence Day Closure Schedule: Closed July 01 through July 05. Open July 06 and 07. Closed July 08 and 09 (Saturday and Sunday). Resume normal operations on Monday, July 10, 2017.
    2. Download CBP approved "New Mobile Passport Control App" through Apple Store or Google Play to submit passport information and customs declaration form via a smartphone or tablet prior to CBP inspection.
    3. Passport Agency no longer accepts pictures with eyeglasses.


    Atlas Services commenced operation in April 1992 as a full service "business services" company.

    At Atlas we assist clients with immigration, tourist and business travel, and translation services. Permanent residency through marriage and employment, fiance visas, H-1/L-1 work visas, personal and corporate travel visas, expedited new and renewal of passport processing, and certified translations of documents for immigration cases, evaluation/accreditation of foreign school records, Passport Agency and state licensing purposes are among the highlights of services we provide.

    We pride ourselves on personal attention to each client, attention to details, consistency, punctuality, and reliability in achieving results.
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